Problem executing rxScan.exe on Vista

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Problem executing rxScan.exe on Vista

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When running rxScan.exe on a Vista SP2 computer I get an error message instructing me on how to use it on the command line (I think). It does not matter whether I run it from a network share or the local drive.

It's a bit similar to the one in the attached screenshot, which I provoked by starting rxscan.exe on the command line with -h as an argument.

On all the other 12 computers with Vista I did not encounter this problem... what gives? Any ideas?

rxScan Version:
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Re: Problem executing rxScan.exe on Vista

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Hi screen,

welcome to the rxInventory forum.

Normally I would say that the rxscan.ini file is missing from the directory where rxscan.exe is located. This configuration file is required when no command line arguments are given. (See collection directories in the user manual.) The ini file is created and updated within the collection directory by the rxInventory console and should be kept up to date when used from another location.

Please check for the existence of this file and that it is not empty. If this did not solve the problem please post back here.