rxInventory 3.7 - Release Notes

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rxInventory 3.7 - Release Notes

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Changes to the hardware and software inventory program rxInventory 3.7

Note: When starting rxInventory 3.7 for the first time, the database is changed in a way which is not compatible with older versions of rxInventory. With multiple installations accessing the same database, all installation have to be updated.

  • Support for Windows 10
  • Enumeration of devices from Active Directory
  • Vastly improved processing of switch interfaces (ports)
  • In case of Windows product keys being removed from registry (e.g. MAK and KMS keys) the last five characters are retrieved from an alternative source
  • The existing and in use memory slots are detected. DDR2-memory is now displayed correctly
  • Hidden Software is now suppressed also within each device's software list
  • Journal entries track the user who created it
  • On error 1326 (The user name or password is incorrect) the account that was in use is displayed
  • Aspect ratio and diagonal of monitors were added
  • Codes of display manufacturers were updated
  • Missing MAC addresses from SNMP devices are compensated by ARP information
  • SNMP devices are recognized more reliably by use of their MAC address
  • Malformed SNMP answer packets are ignored now and don't lead to an error any more
  • It is now possible to add documents and links on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Export of documents via the web interface
  • Optional assignment of devices to a specific license pack in addition to the product only
  • Custom queries now allow for including archived devices
  • Added box for additional arguments within scan groups and ranges to set special scan parameters
  • Within the scan history it is now possible to also remove the latest scan
  • The port of a PostgreSQL connections can be supplied separated by a colon
  • SQL Server Compact Edition is not part of the supported databases any more
  • Properties for attached documents can now be selected within the query designer