rxInventory 3.10 - Release Notes

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rxInventory 3.10 - Release Notes

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Changes to the hardware and software inventory program rxInventory 3.10

Note: With rxInventory 3.10 the database is changed in a non-backwards compatible manner. With multiple installations accessing the same database, each installation must be updated. All users of older versions are recommended to install the update.

  • New default scan method
  • Capturing of Windows Store apps
  • Optional recording of the Bitlocker recovery key used on the system partition
  • Identification of the network cards manufacturer
  • Microsoft Excel Export
  • CSV export including column headers
  • HTML export of data nodes in ZIP format
  • Indication of the monitor connection
  • Global data node for Windows services
  • Reading data of neighboring devices when scanning switches
  • Alternative method for scanning certain switch types
  • New dialog with additional functions to optimize the database
  • The MySQL driver is now part of the installation
  • Newly created MySQL and Oracle databases now use the binary or raw data type for IDs
  • Unknown devices can be renamed
  • Support of modern key-based logins