rxInventory 3.0 - Release Notes

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rxInventory 3.0 - Release Notes

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Changes to the hardware and software inventory program rxInventory 3.0

Note: When starting rxInventory 3.0 for the first time, the database is changed in a way which is not compatible with older versions of rxInventory.

  • Comprehensive management for software product licenses with automatic detection of under- and over-licensing
  • Software packages can be hidden from the total list
  • Show computers where a software package or product is not installed
  • Filter buttons in table headers allow for selecting a column value from a drop down list
  • Warning icon for computers and devices which were not scanned for a certain amount of days
  • Queries on remote drives and printers persistently connected by users
A lot of minor improvements and fixes.

  • User defined properties with one of the following characters ".[]`" in its name are now correctly handled by the MS-Jet database.
  • Failed SSH scans are now displayed correctly under the events node and show up also below Unknown
  • The query designer again supports setting the sort order by clicking on the column header
  • Duplicates of a computer item appeared, when more then one user were logged on it
A lot of improvements in usability and stability of the asset management program.