rxInventory 2.5 - Release Notes

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rxInventory 2.5 - Release Notes

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Changes to rxInventory 2.5


Since Version 2.5 (Build 3):
  • Custom commands can be defined on computer nodes
  • Wake-on-Lan is integrated with the custom commands
  • When changing to an empty database, the data of the current database can be copied
  • A new field "OS Domain Controller" with an example query
  • The user credentials now accept also the UPN format (e.g. Administrator@mydomain.com)
Since Version 2.5 (Build 1):
  • Linux and Apple Mac computers are scanned by using the SSH (Secure Shell) protocol and show up inside the management console with an identifying icon
  • The “Previous Scans” view provides access to the hardware and software state of devices in the past
  • Scans can be scheduled to periodically run in the background
  • The click on some error result is now redirected to the rxInventory knowledge base web page
  • User name and password can be overridden for each IP ranges/host
  • A single IP range or host can be scanned directly
  • List of software packages are now separated for Windows, Linux, Mac, and SNMP devices
  • Windows hosts can be scanned by specifying an IPv6 IP address
  • Fixed problem during backup of database when a text field is encountered with characters not valid in XML
  • Fix for a redraw problem in the Management Console
A lot of minor improvements and bug fixes.